Viking Toys – the company

Viking Toys have been making toys since 1974. Timeless, Swedish design, appealing bright colours, and rounded shapes have made Viking Toys’ products popular with children and informed adults all over the globe. Maybe you played with our toys as a child, too?

Viking Toys specialize in design and manufacturing of safe, quality toys for children aged 1 - 5 years. From when the first toy car left our factory in the 1970s until today, our mission has been to make safe and sustainable premium-quality toys. The factory that manufactures our toys is both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Quality, safety, and corporate responsibility are always in focus and our toys undergo comprehensive testing. As a toy manufacturer, we aim to be the best choice for children, for parents and educators, and for the planet!

We apply stringent criteria to our toys. As experts, we know they need to be safe, soft, simple, silent, durable, dishwasher-proof, fade-resistant and well designed through and through. But we also design our toys to stimulate immersive play and learning without adult intervention. We want our toys to inspire young children to use and develop their imagination and give parents and educators peace of mind.

Vikings Toys’ vision is to bring happiness and playfulness to all children around the globe!

Our products