Sustainable, quality toys

Viking Toys’ sustainable, quality toys are the antidote to the prevailing throwaway culture. The timeless design and high quality of our toys give them lasting value. Our mission has always been to make sustainable, quality toys, and we are now taking that one step further to show the world we care with responsible manufacturing at every stage of our toy production.

The streamlined manufacturing process and state-of-the-art technology at our factory, combined with the skills of our dedicated workforce have further enhanced the quality of our toys. Our manufacturing facility is certified for quality and environmental management to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Viking Toys are committed to quality and safety, and our toys are compliant with no fewer than 7 international standards: USA: ASTM, Europe: EN71, Australia: ASNZS, Canada: CCPSA, China: CCC, Japan: JFSL, ISO 98124. To ensure that every toy that leaves our factory conforms to the highest quality standards for toys, we also conduct our own in-house tests.

Viking Toys’ sustainable, quality toys have always been manufactured from non-toxic, food grade materials and never compromise on quality. We make sustainable quality toys for playful and inquisitive youngsters. Toys so durable and robust that even an adult can step on them without breaking them. Sturdy axles made from stainless steel and bodies of soft plastic ensure that our toys withstand rough handling for generations of play. Small parts are securely fastened so that they cannot come loose and harm the child, and the materials we use stand up to years of rough play come rain, come shine. Our sustainable, quality toys do not break or fade from sun, cold or rain exposure. Our durable toys are made to withstand play from one child to the next, year after year, as opposed to short-lived, “disposable” alternatives.

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