Fun outdoor toys for kids

As the saying goes, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”. But seeing children dressed in rain pants, raring to go outside, you might well wonder exactly what’s to keep them occupied out in the wet. With great outdoor toys, they’re all set to have a whale of a time, come rain, hail or shine!

Almost all Viking Toys’ products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. They are made of fade-resistant plastic and robust stainless steel to withstand rough play, dirt and wet, and are hygienically dishwasher-proof for child safety and adult peace of mind.

Viking Toys of Sweden are experts in outdoor toys for kids, and have been making award-winning toys for four decades. Our toys are uncomplicated and require no complex assembly or polluting batteries and are simply designed to stimulate the imagination and creativity of young children.

We have a large assortment of toy cars of various sizes, to race with in the garden, woods, playground or at the beach. We also offer a wide range of working vehicles that can turn a rainy afternoon in the sand pit into the sunniest play adventure ever. For our cars we also have fun playsets for outdoor use, such as safari camps, farms, garages, and cityscapes.

Water play is a sure favourite with the under-fives. Our water toys add to the fun of playtime in the wet. We have boats of all types to play with by the seaside or in a paddling pool: pirate ships, barges, ferries, sail boats, tugboats, fishing boats and police boats. Our comprehensive range of playsets includes harbours of different sizes with features such as drawbridges and helipads, and a castle with a moat that can be filled with water, for endless outdoor play value.

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